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Whether you live in a property that has been affected by smoke, or you’ve found the perfect home but are troubled by the lingering smoke smell left by the previous owners, there’s no need to be perplexed by how to remove smoke smell from your home.

There are many sources of smoke smell, and our senses are so well tuned that you’ll often be able to distinguish between them in a single sniff. In a previous blog, I looked at how to clean smoke damage from your home the easy way. In that blog, I concentrated on the effect of a house fire. In this blog, I’ll look at how to eliminate lingering smoke smells in the home, whatever their cause.

First I’m going to run through a quick refresher of the multiple causes of smoke smells, before describing low-cost solutions – many of which you may already have to hand.

What causes smoke smells in the home?

There are many causes of smoke odor. Some smell great for a few minutes, or even a day. Then the smoke particles infiltrate everything from furniture to drapes. You’re left with a constant reminder of a party, an overcooked Thanksgiving turkey, or an old smoking habit. Here’s the main causes of smoke odor in your home (or office):

  • Cigarettes and tobacco may be the worst of smoke smells, and are also bad for your health.
  • Overcooked food needs no description!
  • The smell from a summer BBQ can infiltrate your home through open windows and doors. It’s great on the day of your party, but after a while the smell goes stale and loses its appeal.
  • Open fires are great in the winter. They look and feel warm and cozy. Burnt wood or coals can leave a smell that can be less than cozy as warmer days return.

Natural smoke smell removers

You don’t have to use a bunch of chemicals and manufactured solutions to get rid of the smoke smell from your home. There are plenty of natural solutions that could do the job. Here are the best of them:

  • Charcoal is a natural deodorizer. It literally sucks in and stores the smell of smoke. Put it in a bowl where the odor is strongest − use a few bowls of charcoal if necessary.
  • Old newspaper acts in a similar way to charcoal. You may throw your used newspapers away right now, but instead crumple the pages up and put them inside smoke smelling wardrobes and drawers. Leave for a couple of days and you’ll be amazed at the difference.
  • Vanilla extract is something that many people have in their kitchen. It’s one of my favorite flavorings. It also absorbs odors and leaves behind a great smell itself. Two jobs in one!
  • Coffee is a real wake-up smell. Instead of putting your coffee bean in the grinder and making a refreshing drink, refresh your room by putting dry coffee grounds in a bowl and leaving them in your smoke smelling home for a day. You’ll find that the smell is soaked up.
  • Place a few bowls of white vinegar around your home. The vinegar acts as a deodorizer.

Other things that people use to remove smoke smells often do no more than mask the smell for a short period of time. Scented candles, cinnamon sticks, and air fresheners, for example.

If the methods above don’t remove the smoke smell, then you’ll need to start a cleaning process:

  • Try a solution of ½ a cup of Borax, ½ a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent in two gallons of warm water. Wash down your surfaces, and rinse with water.
  • Hire a steam cleaner, and steam clean your drapes, carpets and soft furnishings.

For the most stubborn smoke smells, you may need professional help. Contact us today – we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we will be happy to help.

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