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Our experts at Porter’s Cleaning Service aim to deliver high-quality, convenient options to ensure that our process is as seamless as possible for you and your family or business. By training our technicians to put the needs of our customers above all, our services are both fast and reliable – allowing your home or building to be thoroughly cleaned without having to sacrifice your time. We understand that our customers’ needs vary from day to day. You may be a small business who has to remain closed for steam cleaning, subsequently losing out on customers the longer the cleaning takes. Or you may be a family who needs a full carpeting replacement, requiring a long-term hotel purchase while you wait. In every circumstance, we know that time is money. We want to alleviate your stress and save you money, which is why it is one of our top priorities to create a fast re-entry rate into your home or building. Our expert technicians are trained to not only work hard, but work smart by paying attention to detail and cleaning efficiently.

In addition to cleaning speed and reliability, we also know that knowledge is power when it comes to proper cleaning – which is why we have obtained certifications in many areas, including being certified in mold removal in NJ. By being certified in various cleaning topics, our services are top-notch and educated. For example, it is important to know more than to simply clean an object – as some messes require odor removal as well. Anyone can scrub out a stain; it takes an expert to ensure that the stain is fully removed and looks and smells as clean as new. Additionally, some stains are the product of a liquid that has seeped deep into the surface of carpet and upholstery – often the cause of foul odors that appear in your home or building. Our knowledgeable technicians will ensure that every crevice is masterfully cleaned and all off-putting odors are removed. To learn more about our expert cleaning and odor-removal services, visit the “Cleaning” tab here for an in-depth look at all of our options.

 At Porter’s Cleaning Service, our process is made successful by our customer-driven philosophy. Speed, reliability, and knowledge are the three traits that we take pride in during every service we offer. It is our hope that our customers are fully satisfied with our fast work, expert cleaning, and smart practices. To provide a trustworthy service, we will always accommodate your schedule and arrive on time to being the cleaning process. Additionally, we guarantee all our work whether it’s carpet cleaning, mold removal, or emergency restoration. Each customer situation is unique; therefore, our exact process varies from person to person. Speak with us today to receive a quote and an outline of what to expect.

If you have further inquiries regarding how our process works or to receive an estimated length of time for a cleaning project, call us today at 877-835-4150. We are happy to answer your questions. 

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