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Mrs. Jackson (not her real name) couldn’t have been happier when she’d finally finished her renovations. She was looking forward to spending many pleasant afternoons in her new family room, which had cost more than a thousand dollars to refurb. Then disaster struck, and fire wiped out all her good work. At a loss what to do, Mrs. Jones simply threw everything away and started over.

If only she’d discovered these smoke damage restoration tips, she’d have saved herself a small fortune and a lot of heartache discarding items of sentimental value.

1.     Prevent further damage by opening windows and getting the air circulating.

If there is some heavy water damage, you’ll probably find you need to keep the windows closed and hire a dehumidifier. If you don’t dry out carpets and upholstery thoroughly, you’ll find you suffer from mold.

2.     Get rid of the soot first

A vacuum will remove some of the soot, but be careful not to touch the surface that you’re cleaning: if you do, you’ll grind the soot in, causing indelible stains. You are best to hire a heavy-duty vacuum for this.

3.     Remove the smoke odor

Household deodorizers will only provide a temporary respite. However, you might try a solution of one cup of dishwasher detergent in a gallon of warm water to clean textiles, leaving them in the washing machine overnight. A bleach solution may also work: of all smoke damage restoration tips, this is the one that you’ll notice at work every time you enter a room. There are a number of counteractant chemicals that professionals use to remove smoke odor.

4.     Clean your furnishings

You may need to take soft furnishings and clothes to a dry cleaner, and several cleans may be required. Carpets should be professionally cleaned twice.

5.     Remove stains for walls

Use a chemical sponge, paint thinners, or rubbing alcohol to remove soot stains from walls. Always wear gloves and keep the room ventilated while doing this.

6.     Concentrate on the smoke odor

The odor of smoke can permeate everything, and will return if not properly treated: this is especially true when the weather is warm and damp. Professional cleaners will use a combination of thermal fogging and chemical sealers in a restoration process that ensures the smoke odor is removed and stays removed. This leads us on to the most important of smoke damage restoration tips:

7.     If your budget allows, use a professional cleaner

Professional cleaners have all the right tools and equipment, and no matter how bad your home is damaged it will benefit from the experience of a professional cleaner.

More smoke damage restoration tips can be found in our post “What do professionals use to clean smoke damage from fire?”

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