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A fire in the home or office is a tragic event. There will be loss of property, damage to valuable belongings, and a feeling of despair left behind as the fire trucks leave the scene. Despite all this doom and gloom, you’ll need to get the restoration process going as soon as possible – if you fail to do so, the damage caused by smoke could turn out to be permanent.

The most important of all smoke damage cleaning tips

The damage caused, the feeling of loss you may still have, and the sheer size of the task ahead of you could be daunting. So daunting that it becomes debilitating. You put the work off as you survey the damage with despair.

This is one reason why the number one of smoke damage cleaning tips is to hire professional cleaning services. Not only will all the emotional effects of fire be eased, but you’ll be assured that any smoke damage is eradicated – months down the line you won’t have that lingering smell to remind you of the disaster that nearly ruined your home or business.

7 smoke damage cleaning tips you can’t ignore

Whether you’ve taken the professional route or have decided to do-it-yourself, here are a few tips to help you with the clean-up and to stay safe and healthy while doing so:

  1. Check to see what insurance cover you have
  2. Always use a dust mask and gloves
  3. Make sure the affected area is ventilated well
  4. Remove items and start the clean-up from the top and work down
  5. On external walls, it may be possible to use a detergent and pressure wash (again working from the top down)
  6. Use a five step fire damage process the experts use for best results
  7. Get your clothes and personal items out as soon as possible, and deep clean. The longer personal items are left in a fire damaged environment, the more they will suffer from smoke damage

Soot starts to discolor furniture and plastics quickly. It can corrode metals, and permanently discolor painted surfaces within a few days or weeks. If left untreated, smoke odors will permeate the deepest recesses of your home or office.

Remove the source of smoke odors as quickly as possible, and clean using professional methods and a smoke odor counteractant. As the final act of the clean-up process, use a sealant on surfaces to prevent any further recontamination.

How to find a competent company to clean away smoke damage

Using the smoke damage cleaning tips above will help your home or business return to normal as soon as possible, but the most effective way to do so is to use a professional cleaning company. To find the best one, make sure that the company you choose:

  • Can evidence experience with customer testimonials
  • Is recognized by a professional body
  • Holds the proper licenses
  • Continually trains and retrains its staff in the latest methods

For more information, contact us today – we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will be happy to help.

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Last week I accidentally burned something in the oven and the problem escalated and now there's black all over my walls. It's impossible to go into my kitchen without smelling smoke. You mention that smoke damage restoration can get rid of that lingering smell, I hope so!
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