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DIY carpet cleaning may not be the cost saver you think it is

If you’re considering cleaning a carpet with a rented carpet cleaner, one of the most important questions you’ll want answered is how much it is to rent a carpet cleaner. But you shouldn’t let cost be your only concern. You should also consider what damage a rented carpet cleaner may do to your carpet. Only then can you decide if the cost to rent a carpet cleaner is value for money. In this article, we’ll answer both questions.

How much does it cost to rent a carpet cleaner?

Most DIY rental stores will stock a range of carpet cleaners. If you want to save money and have the time to do the job yourself, renting a carpet cleaner may seem like a good idea. At an average cost of around $30 for a 24-hour rental, and $40 for 48 hours, it’s certainly cheaper than hiring a professional cleaning service to do the job for you.

Of course, you’ll also need to think about the accessories you may need, and the cleaning formulas and solutions for your carpet. Even so, let’s say an all-in price of $50 to $60. Still cheap. But then there’s the possibility of damage.

Could a carpet cleaner damage your carpet?

The likelihood is that this may be the first time you have considered cleaning your own carpets using a rented carpet cleaner. Whatever rental shop you use, it’s probable that the carpet cleaner doesn’t get a good service after every renal. This can lead to problems when cleaning, including:

  • Not heating the water to the correct temperature
  • Overuse of detergent
  • Using too much water
  • Less suction power

The damage issues that these problems could cause include:

  • Excess water laying in the carpet, making it difficult to dry properly. This can cause your carpet fibers to turn yellow or brown.
  • Leaving a residue of carpet cleaning fluid and detergent in your carpet. This helps more dirt to stick to your carpet’s fibers, meaning your carpet will become dirty quicker, and less time until you need to rent a carpet cleaner again.
  • Lower suction leaves dirt and water behind, with the problems noted above.
  • A wet carpet can also shrink. More importantly, it becomes a hotel for mold.

There’s only one way to remove these damage issues, and that is to rent professional carpet cleaning equipment. And this won’t cost you just $30 a day. The better the equipment, the more expensive it will be to rent. Instead of an all-in cost of, say, $50, you’ll be looking at closer to $100 to $150. Still good value? Perhaps, until you consider the hidden cost of your time.

How much is your time worth?

To clean a carpet effectively, it will take several hours. The more care you take when cleaning your carpet, the less damage you are likely to cause. You will probably need to clean, then leave to dry, and then clean again with clear water to remove as much residue as possible.

Only you know how much your time is worth. But two days’ rental and two days of carpet cleaning – rather than spending time with family, friends, or fishing (or whatever else it is that you like to do) is an expenditure that you’ll never get back.

Is using a rental machine really good value for money?

It may seem like good value for money, but once you have factored in the cost to rent, the cost of your time, and the cost of possible damage, you may want to reconsider if renting a carpet cleaner is the best thing to do. If the damage caused is too great, you could end up having to hire a professional cleaning and restoration service, or even replace the carpet.

Hiring a professional to clean your carpets is usually the most cost-effective solution. The job will be completed by a trained professional, using the very best equipment, and guaranteed. By hiring a professional cleaning service instead of renting a commercial carpet cleaner, you could find you save money. You’ll certainly save time. You’ll be far less stressed, too.

If your carpet is stained and needs cleaning, contact Porter's Cleaning. We’ll provide a free, no obligation quote in the NJ area, so you can compare the real difference between a professional clean and a DIY solution.

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