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One of the worst catastrophes that a homeowner or small business can experience is fire. It destroys everything in its path. Even when the firefighters have done their job and made the property safe, it can linger as a permanent reminder of the tragedy. The fire damage restoration process is a difficult one, and should only be undertaken by professionals.

What are the problems faced after fire?

The most obvious effect is the dirt and smell. There will also be ash and soot, both of which will discolor surfaces and cause corrosion. When not cleaned properly, surfaces can be scratched beyond repair. Then there is the lingering odor.

Ash takes just minutes to discolor almost every surface, and you’ll find that within just a few hours your white goods will be yellow. Within days, walls be permanently discolored. Clothes and furniture will be ruined in this timeframe, too.

The secret to restoring a building after fire damage is to do so quickly by contracting a company whose representatives are fully qualified and experienced. The longer that the fire damage restoration process is delayed, the worse will be the effects of fire and the more expensive the eventual clean-up will be.

Fire damage restoration process in five steps

Residues of soot and ash are easily spread, causing more damage and increasing clean-up costs. The restoration process is complex, but in its most basic form is achieved in the following five steps:

  1. Identify all affected areas and discover the source of odor
  2. Identify all salvageable items, surfaces, and belongings
  3. Remove residue ash from all surfaces
  4. Treat sources of odor with specialized detergents to neutralize all odors
  5. Seal surfaces to prevent odors re-emerging

The cost of waiting

If you attempt fire restoration yourself or delay calling in professionals, you’ll find the cost of repair and renovation rockets. Metal, plastic, and plaster surfaces may have to be replaced. Glass will be scratched by the acidic ash residue, and carpets and walls irreparably discolored. Odors will become more intense.

Stay tuned to this blog for more useful tips and advice, and remember that professional fire restoration services are only a click of a mouse or a phone call away.

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