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Whether it’s climate warming, the natural beat of nature’s cycle, or some other phenomenon that can’t be qualified, flooding is an increasing risk. Water damage restoration is a growing industry. The typical cost of repair and restoration after flooding might surprise you. According to The National Flood Insurance Program, the cleanup after a flood will cost you around:

  • $7,800 for a flooding depth between one and four inches
  • $19,000 for flooding between nine and twelve inches
  • $26,000 when the flooding reaches 18 inches

With floods occurring so often and the costs of water damage restoration so high, I thought I’d put together a few tips on how to beat the typical costs and save money on water damage restoration.

With water restoration, time is money

The saying that time is money is definitely true when it comes to flooding and water damage. The longer you leave the cleanup, the more it will cost you.

Water creates dampness and the ideal conditions for growth of mold and bacteria. Before you know it, you’ve got mold to clean from drywall as you battle a hazard that could cause long-term health issues. It’s best to get a professional restoration team in, but there are some things you can do that will make the job easier, reduce the time to put good all the damage, and cut the costs of restoring your home to as good as new after water damage.

Rip up and throw out

Especially if the flood water is contaminated by sewage, you’ll need to throw out all textiles and fabrics affected. Do this within 48 hours of the flooding, and throw out:

  • Carpets
  • Clothing
  • Drapes
  • Soft toys
  • Soft furnishings

The quicker you remove any water, the more likely it is that fixtures and fittings can be saved, repaired, or restored. You may even be able to repair water damaged wood using the 7-step process we outlined a few weeks ago.

Avoid the shocks

Electrical appliances and products that have been submerged will probably be damaged beyond repair. It may be tempting to test them by plugging them into a wall socket. Don’t. Your wiring could be damaged, and you could suffer a severe shock… or even cause a fire.

Discard the cheap electrical items, and take the expensive items to a specialist company to see if they can be restored from water damage.

Enlist the help of friends and family

Your friends and family may not be experts at restoration work, but they will give you the support you’ll need. Enlist their help removing carpets and damaged furniture. You probably won’t have any electric, so a flask of hot coffee will be welcome. And, of course, a bed for a few nights will save on hotel bills.

Be vigilant and prevent water damage

Prevention is better than cure, and certainly cheaper. Make sure that you carry out routine maintenance on your home. Keep your roof secure, and ensure that windows and doors are well fitted. Clear gutter and drains of debris, and watch for signs of leaks – deal with these immediately. Lag your pipes so they don’t freeze and crack in harsh winters.

Finally, if you go away for any length of time, turn your water supply off. You’ll be surprised how many people return from vacation to find a flooded home that could have been avoided.

Don’t get caught by the high costs of restoring your home or office after flooding. The quicker you act, the lower the costs. We’re available 24/7: contact Porter’s today and we’ll be pleased to give advice and a free quote.

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