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Proper knowledge is crucial for a company full of workers who pride themselves in making the customer their top priority. Our professional employees are reliable and quality-trained to ensure expert supervision and a determined work ethic during all cleaning projects. At Porter’s Cleaning Service, we seek certifications and knowledge to work smart while working hard. Intelligent cleaning is the only way to provide an error-free, pristine clean. Below is a detailed list of the certifications and qualifications that make Porter’s Cleaning Service the perfect fit for your home or business.

Member of the American Indoor Air Quality Association (AIAQA)

The AIAQA is a branch of an international organization which aims to provide educational resources for cleaning professionals. The organization offers unparalleled access to information, including training programs to ensure that our employees are only of the highest quality. The AIAQA creates a set of high standards for cleaning companies everywhere – standards that we aim to follow and exceed.

Member of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC)

The IICRC is a resource for cleaning professionals to seek certifications in a wide array of cleaning duties, from mold remediation to water damage remediation. We are a member of this organization and we firmly believe in its goals. The IICRC offers convenient courses and educational information to cleaning professionals to provide knowledgeable services to customers – making our company brighter with intelligence.

Certified Mold Removal NJ & Certified Mold Remediation NJ

By becoming certified in mold removal and remediation in the New Jersey area, we are able to provide more than just our environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies. Our technicians enter a building armed with the educational tools to not only clean mold but to understand how it works, as well as how to properly and permanently remove the burden from your home or building.

Certified Water Damage Restoration

It takes more than a towel to sop up water damage – especially when improper cleaning of water damage can lead to molding. That’s why we believe it is important to keep up with certifications for how to treat water damage. With the knowledge and power to combat water damage, our restoration services are guaranteed to be phenomenal.

Certified Advanced Water Restoration

We go above and beyond to ensure that our knowledge is top notch to provide high-quality, efficient services for all of our customer’s needs. Not only are we certified in typical water damage restoration, but we also are certified in an advance level to ensure the optimal level of cleansing care.

Applied Structural Drying

This hands-on training course is a continuation of the Water Damage Restoration programs, offering further information regarding the methods on how to treat water damage. By training with this program, our technicians can provide water damage restoration to all areas of the home – including hard-to-clean structures.

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