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At Porter’s Cleaning Service, we know that unexpected events that cause water damage can be a nightmare for home and business owners. And, unfortunately, the messes are not always a simple fix. Emergencies can occur in a blink of an eye and can cause an array of problems that affect the entire building.

Many areas of New Jersey are prone to flooding caused by torrential rains and high winds – a recipe for creating devastating damage to your home or office building. If you are a business owner, flooding not only affects your building, but can drive away potential customers during the storm itself. Home owners may have to find a temporary place to stay while the flooding recedes. In both cases, it’s important to invest in the specialized cleanup to ensure the structure is properly dried.  Why? Because improper cleanup will turn the flooded area into a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and other harmful allergens. All of which will end up costing you more hassle and money in the long run.

When disaster strikes, we want you to trust Porter’s Cleaning Service to ensure that your home or business is restored as good as new. Below is an in-depth look of our certified flood relief services for the New Jersey area.

Water Damage Restoration New Jersey

We understand that dealing with a catastrophe is a difficult and time-consuming situation, which is why Porter’s Cleaning Service offers a convenient 24-Hour Emergency Environmental Service line at the following number: 973-417-6000. Inclement weather and plumbing issues will not always wait until an agreeable hour to strike. And, it’s imperative that you don’t wait for typical business hours to start cleanup. It is important to begin the restoration process as soon as possible to ensure that the interior of the building can be salvaged. Additionally, the sooner restoration begins, the sooner your family or employees can enter the home or business again. Porter’s Cleaning Service is certified in Water Damage Restoration, guaranteeing a pristine and professional clean for your building.

Water Damage Cleanup New Jersey

Think your building is safe from flooding because you have hardwood or tile flooring? Think again. Water can seep deep into cracks and crevices within any floor, creating a buildup of mold and mildew. Over time, mold and mildew damage can create ghastly aromas that permeate throughout the building even years later. In addition, untreated mold and mildew causes breathing problems for those with allergies or asthma. Our effective environmentally-friendly cleaning agents penetrate into the floor’s surface and combat the water damage that could potentially turn into mold and mildew. After a flood, call us to book an appointment with our highly-trained team of cleaning experts – such as our certified mold removal experts – to guarantee that your home or business remains spotless. Suspect you may already have mold from improperly-treated water damage? Check out our full list of carpet cleaning services on this page.

For any questions or to book at appointment, call us toll-free at (973) 835-4150. Our highly-trained technicians are happy to help with all of your inquiries related to flooding and water damage.

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