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A fire is one of the most catastrophic events that can occur in your home or building. Most families and businesses have a fire plan, which dictates a set of rules regarding maneuvering through the building, where to escape and who calls 911. However, many do not have a set plan regarding which cleanup service to call in the unfortunate event that disaster strikes. A traumatic fire event is difficult enough without the additional stress of not knowing who to call for help after the firefighters leave. At Porter’s Cleaning Service, we want to alleviate your stress by offering a variety of options and services that will restore your home or building that has fallen prey to a damaging fire.

We know that fires don’t always occur during a convenient time of the day, which is why Porter’s Cleaning Service offers a 24-Hour Emergency Services line that is available all hours of the day and night. If you have an emergency cleanup need, call us at 973-417-6000. It is beneficial to use the emergency services line to allow us to start the fire cleanup as soon as possible and prevent further damage. Whether you need to get your business up and running again or move your family back home again, our highly-trained technicians at Porter’s Cleaning Service will ensure your fire cleanup services will be completed effectively and efficiently.

Below is a list of fire damage options we provide to the New Jersey area.

Fire Damage Restoration NJ

A fire can be devastating to both the interior and exterior of the building as well as to the furniture located within the home or business. Porter’s Cleaning Service offers a wide array of options to provide a fast and easy cleanup accommodated to your needs. Is your sofa soiled with soot and fire damage? Give us a call. Porter’s Cleaning Service provides both wet and dry cleaning of upholstery items. We also offer services in carpet cleaning, replacement and repair to ensure that your flooring is free of fire damage. In addition to our excellent fire damage restoration services, we also provide prevention efforts, such as a fire-retardant chemical application – perfect for applying to easily flammable drapery in order to prevent a disaster.

Smoke Damage NJ

In addition to damage caused by the heat of the fire itself, fire disasters can also leave behind a horrible smoke smell that seeps deep into carpeting and upholstery items. In a small fire, area rugs – which rest low on the ground – may not be damaged by the fire at all, but they will hold in smoke that, without a specialized cleaning service, is impossible to remove. Porter’s Cleaning Service offers a convenient pickup and delivery service, perfect for ensuring any damaged pieces are thoroughly cleaned. Simply book an appointment and our highly-trained technicians will pick up the smoke-damaged item, clean it to remove the smoke damage, then return it back good as new.

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