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Have your once beautiful upholstery pieces now become old and worn looking? Before you think about throwing your beloved couch away and spending hundreds of dollars on a brand new one that will need to be replaced in a few years, consider maintaining your favorite furniture with our phenomenal upholstery cleaning services. Not only do we deep clean your upholstery with high-quality, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, but we also move your furniture ourselves. Rather than expect you to move furniture out of the way like many businesses require, we will conveniently move your upholstery pieces to a location where we can clean every surface. After the furniture looks bright and beautiful again, we will leave it right where it was originally so it was as if we were never there – except for the squeaky clean upholstery with that brand new look. In addition to our superb cleaning methods, we offer an array of upholstery cleaning in Newark, NJ and the surrounding areas that can be reviewed below.


Wet & Dry Cleaning

As a company with a top priority of accommodating to our customers, we offer multiple options to better suit each individual cleaning case. At Porter’s Cleaning Service, we provide both wet cleaning and dry cleaning depending on the type of fabric and your preference. To wet clean upholstery, we use a gentle steam cleaning method that sinks deep into the furniture to eradicate dirt and grime that is hidden deep within the cushions of sofas and chairs. Dry cleaning is an equally ideal option, but works best on delicate upholstery. Dry cleaning is a low-moisture version of steam cleaning and works perfectly when attempting to rid upholstery of allergens that cause breathing problems for those with asthma or allergies.


Specializing in Difficult Fabrics

Were you entertaining guests when suddenly a glass of dark red wine was spilled all over a tough-to-clean chair? Not to fret – our cleaning technicians are specially trained to perfectly remove all stains on the most difficult of sanitation cases. We specialized in expertly exceeding all expectations of our loyal customers, even with tough stains may seem impossible to remove. We ensure a spotless clean on all types of furniture, regardless of material or fabric. Upholstery comes in all shapes and sizes and often can be crafted from natural fibers (such as cotton and silk) or synthetic fibers (such as acrylic or polyester). Whether your product is an easy-to-clean print or a stubborn woven fabric, our cleaning agents are guaranteed to remove stains and spills.

To learn more about the specific fabrics we specialize in as well as our upholstery cleaning in Newark, NJ or to receive more information on our cleaning methods for upholstery, contact Porter’s Cleaning Service today at 877-835-4150.

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