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At Porter’s Cleaning Service, not only will we make your home or business décor good as new, but we also offer a multitude of options to ensure that the cleaning you need is done at your convenience. As a customer of Porter’s Cleaning Service, you should never have to adjust your busy schedule to wait for your household items to be cleaned. Simply place an order for a specific sanitation need. Then, at a time that accommodates your schedule, we will pickup the item and bring it back to our facility to be sanitized by our expert cleaning technicians. After removing stains and cleansing your item with our environmentally-friendly cleaning agents, it will then be delivered back to your door. We will be sure to have the item placed where exactly you need – all because excellent customer service is our top priority. Review the items we pickup, clean and deliver by viewing our convenient list below.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are a fantastic piece of décor that usually livens any room; however, rugs can also dampen the mood if showing an unsightly stain. Whether you are entertaining guests or servicing potential customers, it is important that your throw rugs and oriental rugs in NJ stays beautiful and clean. Area rugs can be very large, so it is often distracting to clean in the middle of your building where guests and customers may be strolling. That’s why Porter’s Cleaning Service understands your struggle and will remove the rug to bring to our facility for a full cleaning – a sure way to make the product bright and lively again without disrupting your day.

Drapery & Blinds

Are the beautiful window accents that once hung elegantly from your walls now caked in dust and dirt? Not only can dust add a sense of filth to any building, but it is also dangerous for individuals with asthma or allergy problems. Many people believe that it is only the blinds that need an occasional dusting, but drapery also holds unseen muck that holds allergens – causing an array of breathing issues. After clearing off dust and bacteria with our highly-effective sanitation devices, anyone who wishes to open up a window in your building will be able to breathe clean, dust-free air.


If you can see the occasional stains on your upholstery, imagine what lies within the foul depths of the furniture – no, thank you! At Porter’s Cleaning Service, we take pride in not only beautifying the item, but also purifying the item from allergens and bacteria. Tarnished furniture – such as a couch or chair – is no match for our cleaning agents that will eradicate the unpleasant stains, along with also expelling unseen stains. After meeting and exceeding your cleaning needs, we will deliver the furniture and place it wherever is convenient for you.

If you have any questions regarding our pickup and delivery services for decoration items, call Porter’s Cleaning Service at 877-835-4150 and we would be happy to help.

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