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Unlike carpet floors, other floors never need to be cleaned – right? Unfortunately, this common misconception is very wrong. Although non-carpet floors do not hold as much bacteria, they do become dirty and can hold dust filled with allergens in hard-to-reach areas. Many types of flooring require specialty cleaning services to ensure that the building remains fresh. Over time, dirt collects in the flooring and will become darker without the owner’s realization that the appearance has changed. For example, certain floors that become tarnished may need a wood floor refinishing in NJ, which will beautify your building right before your eyes.  Or perhaps you may need an entire flooring replacement for your home or business. Whatever your floor cleaning needs, Porter’s Cleaning Service will ensure that your building is spotless. Check out the list below for a list of floor types that we service.


Hardwood floors can add a refined touch to any home or business. However, when the floors become riddled with a film of grime, it is noticeable to many who enter. No one wants guests or customers to leave the building with filthy shoes from hardwood flooring that has not been well-maintained. Over time, these floors become noticeably blemished and require a hardwood floor refinishing that we are happy to expertly provide. Porters offers a variety of hardwood floor refinishing in NJ options.


Tile floors are most often found in bathrooms and kitchens – the areas with most dirt, bacteria and mold. It is crucial to maintain tile flooring to ensure that the building remains healthy and clean. Imagine the bacterial wasteland that hides from sight beneath a kitchen floor, where crumbs and spills sink below the surface to mold and rot. Not only can this be unhealthy to breathe, but it also can contribute to unpleasant smells and insect infestations. We offer complete tile replacement and cleaning in any room to make sure that your home or business stays clean and safe.


At Porter’s Cleaning Service, it is important to us that your building remains as stunning as the day you walked in the door. Marble floors are a sophisticated addition to any home or business, instantly creating a castle-like appearance that is truly impressive. Unfortunately, marble floors become tarnished over time and begin to dull – looking more like a giant rock rather than sleek, intricate marble.  Our expert polishing services are the perfect way to make your marble flooring look as bright and shiny as new.

VCT (e.g. Linoleum)

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is similar to tile flooring, as it is typically found in bathrooms and kitchens. In addition, VCT floors are also often placed in many businesses, such as grocery stores or hospitals. Ensure that your building is clean and healthy by scheduling regular maintenance for your VCT flooring. Whether you need a cleaning, polishing, or a replacement, you can count on Porter’s Cleaning Service to accommodate our options to your building’s needs.

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