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Drapery and blinds are beautiful accents to any building; however, they also accumulate a terrible amount of dust and allergens. When window accents are not properly maintained, the surrounding building becomes an allergen cesspool in which no individual would want to enter and breathe. Do you notice that each time you open the blinds or scooch the drapery, a cloud of dust wafts through the air? Perhaps it is time to schedule a sanitation visit with our high-quality cleaning team who will arrive on-site to cleanse your window accents. Not only do we make appointments convenient for you, but we also offer additional options to ensure the safety of your building, such as fire-retardant application for your drapery. If your window accents are fine but your windows are caked in filth, feel free to look into our specialized window treatment options. With high-trained professionals using our great (and green) cleaning products, your windows will be squeaky clean after a window treatment from Porter’s Cleaning Service. For further information regarding our specific service options, read through the list below.


In-House or On-Site Cleaning

At Porter’s Cleaning Service, our goal is to provide excellent drapery cleaning in NJ services at the most convenience for you. We take pride in ensuring that our customers’ needs are always accommodated. This is why we offer in-house or on-site cleaning for your home or business. Rather than making you change your busy schedule to collect all of the dirty blinds and drapery to bring to our facility, we are happy to bring our sanitation supplies to you. By offering on-site cleaning to suit your daily needs, cleaning no longer has to be a hassle. Our team of fantastic cleaning technicians will arrive at a time you specify and expertly provide drapery cleaning in NJ while you go about your daily life. In no time at all, your window accents will be as beautiful as the day they were hung. In addition to blinds and drapery, our experts will also use our environmentally-friendly cleaning agents to cleanse and clear window glass.


Fire-Retardant Application

One of the fastest ways a fire spreads is through the drapery hanging from windows. A fire that starts from a simple candle can rapidly engulf the walls by climbing up drapery. This travesty can be avoided by ensuring that your drapes are fire-retardant. For just a couple hours out of a day, our cleaning team can arrive at your home or business and apply fire-retardant to your drapery to act as a safeguard against accidental fire disasters. Take the step to protect your building and prevent tragedy.


To schedule in-house or on-site cleaning or to learn more about our fire-retardant application process, call Porter’s Cleaning Service at 877-835-4150.  

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