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Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), the world has changed. Businesses of all types, and residential buildings, must now take extra precautions to help curb the spread of infection. 

Those infected may not show symptoms for as long as two weeks. This makes tracking the virus extremely difficult. In an open economy, regular cleaning and decontamination is the primary weapon to help contain the spread of infection. 

This means hiring professional cleaners to ensure that cleaning and decontamination is carried out effectively and to the required standards and regulations. 

What Should You Expect from COVID-19 Cleaning Services?

When you hire cleaning and decontamination services for coronavirus, you should expect the highest standards from experienced cleaning professionals. Rapid response is essential – coronavirus can exist on surfaces for as long as 14 to 17 days. 

Effective cleaning is critical. It saves lives.

Once on site, the coronavirus cleaning team will isolate and seal off the infected area. Depending upon severity, we may need to seal off the entire building while deep cleaning and disinfection takes place.

Our team of certified cleaning technicians will wear full personal protective equipment, including full-face respirator masks.

As they work to decontaminate the area, our technicians will use industrial-strength disinfectants that are approved by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

All infected materials are cleaned, disinfected, and, if necessary, disposed of correctly as biohazard waste.

Experience to Clean and Protect

As a business, we have over 60 years of experience in the cleaning industry, covering routine and emergency needs and serving commercial and residential customers in New Jersey.

Our history is complemented by our innovation and adaptation to the newest cleaning methods and state-of-the-art cleaning technology. Our cleaning services include carpet, blinds and drapery, furniture, flooring, all hard surfaces, and the air in the room.

We have provided cleaning services to hospitals, municipal buildings, public and private sector offices and factories, warehouses, and more.

Speed Is Key

If you suspect that you have suffered a coronavirus infection, it is essential to act as fast as possible. For example, it may be that one of your employees has reported coronavirus symptoms, or a family member has been infected. There is no time to waste.

When you call Porter’s Cleaning Services, you benefit from a fast, efficient service available 24/7 in New Jersey. Our COVID-19 mission is to clean, decontaminate, and save lives with an urgent same-day response.

Decontamination That Lasts

Our equipment and cleaning procedures, and CDC-approved and EPA-registered disinfectants ensure that a decontaminated surface remains decontaminated for longer. The solutions we employ are more effective and more persistent. They work fast and remain active when dry.

Containing the Infection

We’ll assess risks and help you to contain any potential infection with minimum impact to your business. Your employees will feel safer and your customers will be protected more effectively. 

Protect Yourself and Your People

The policies you instigate in your workplace or residential building will relate to the premise’s use specifically. However, the following guidance should be included in  all COVID-19 policies, regardless of the building’s purpose:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, using soap and warm water. If you sneeze, cough, or blow your nose, or you have been to another part of the building or a public area, make sure that you wash your hands.
  • Keep hand sanitizing gel at entrances and exits, and insist on its use.
  • If you cough or sneeze, use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth. Dispose of the tissue safely and immediately. After this, sanitize your hands by either washing them or using a hand sanitizing gel.
  • Clean and disinfect desks, chairs, keyboards, screens and other objects regularly to reduce the risk of spreading any infection
  • Report any contact with someone who is infected with COVID-19 immediately
  • Keep your policies and procedures updated according to the latest COVID-19 advice

Prevent Coronavirus Infection

Thorough and regular cleaning – combined with the personal hygiene measures noted above – will help to prevent coronavirus infection in your home or place of work. Proper disinfection is essential, from floor to ceiling. You must not forget areas that are used by multiple people: restrooms, elevators, corridors, canteens and meeting rooms.

How Should You Act Upon a Confirmed Coronavirus Case?

You have a duty of care to your employees and visitors to your workplace. If a confirmed case of coronavirus visits your workplace, the CDC recommends that you should:

  • Remove that person from the workplace, providing them with a mask to prevent spreading the infection through sneezing and coughing
  • Isolate those areas in which the infected person has been
  • Remove all people from those areas

After this, you should:

What Should You Do in a Coronavirus Emergency?

If you believe your business may be infected or to maintain a safe and healthy environment, act fast. Coronavirus is continually evolving. We are keeping in step with the latest advice and recommendations from the CDC to ensure that our clients benefit from our expertise and industry best practice.

Don’t take any risks with COVID-19. Lives depend on your actions. Contact Porter’s Cleaning Services today.

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