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At Porter’s Cleaning Service, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer an array of IICRC-certified carpet cleaning in NJ services to suit any sanitation needs for your home or business. Whether you need specific spot removal or a large-scale carpet repair, Porter’s Cleaning Service is fully equipped to solve any carpet disaster. All of our services are available for both households and businesses for your convenience.

Check out our full list of available carpet cleaning options below.

Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning

Perfect for deep, productive sanitation, Porter’s Cleaning Service offers a steam cleaning service that works by utilizing hot steam to collect dirt and bacteria in an evaporation process. One of our specialty steam cleaning in NJ trucks will sit parked in front of your entrance with a long hose extending from a steam carpet cleaning unit. The hose works by blowing hot moisture from the nozzle, allowing the steam to sink deep into the carpet and extract filth and allergens trapped underneath the surface.

Spot Removal

For a quick fix of a specific mess, spot removal is the service for you. By using our efficient and environmentally-friendly cleaning products, we can clear unwanted spots in precise problem areas for a useful, productive clean. Perfect for those who already have regular carpet cleanings, the spot removal method is a great way to address small stains in between visits. 

Carpet Deodorizing & Pet Problems

No matter how many times you vacuum or clean on your own, it seems that the household odor will not go away. This is because carpeting traps dirt and bacteria deep beneath the surface, causing foul smells to seep low and eventually emanate throughout the building. Although use of a vacuum or hand-held cleaning machine may temporarily relieve unpleasant aromas, these methods only clear the top layer of carpet and do not reach to the pungent depths of the carpet fibers and padding. Porter’s Cleaning Service provides a carpet deodorizing service that offers a deep, efficient clean for eliminating all odors. In addition to regular household smells, our service also effectively treats pet odors.

Carpet Repair

For damaged carpets, Porter’s Cleaning Service’s carpet repair service is a foolproof way to make your home or business look just like new. Over time, carpeting begins to naturally deteriorate – especially without professional cleanings. Unfortunately, when carpets becomes damaged or torn, the overall appearance of the household or office is severely affected. While quick-fix solutions are often tempting, they typically leave the carpet in greater disarray than before the attempted fix. A professional carpet repair service is a guaranteed way to increase the attractiveness of your carpeting.

Carpet Dry Cleaning on Location

A faster, low-moisture alternative to steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning is perfect for eliminating blemishes. In addition to the removal of stains and unwanted marks, this method is also an ideal way to ensure that all allergens are removed from the carpeting. For individuals with asthma or allergy issues, dry cleaning is a highly-effective way to eradicate dust trapped within the carpet. Not only can dry cleaning your carpet create a healthier environment, it can also greatly extend the life of your carpet. An extended carpet life means less money spent on unnecessary repairs and installation. Our dry cleaning service is offered on location by Porter’s Cleaning Service highly-trained technicians for maximum productivity.

With our wide array of efficient carpet cleaning and carpet steam cleaning in NJ options, we will make sure to provide excellent service that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. If you have a question, feel free to give us a call at (973) 835-4150. The friendly staff at Porter’s Cleaning Service will be happy to answer any of your inquiries.


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