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A clean business or facility is a precise reflection of the management of the building. Imagine entering a small business to become a potential customer and witnessing the interior in disarray. The state of the interior of a building directly influences the feeling a customer receives, swaying the decision to pursue the business further. Therefore, it is very important to keep your company’s cleaning maintenance up to date. Whether you manage a quaint 1,000 square foot shop or a massive 80,000 square foot facility, we will ensure the cleanliness of every inch of your building.

At Porter’s Cleaning Service, our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers, which is why we aim to make our cleaning processes as accommodating as possible. We know that no business is quite like the other, meaning that each cleaning need will vary from building to building. The types of cleaning processes necessary are ever-changing depending on the business. For example, the services required for the owner of a pet shop will be vastly different than the services required for a clothing store.

We ensure the perfect accommodation for all clients of small businesses or facilities including office managers, property managers, site managers, and facilities managers. We offer a wide array of services from carpet cleaning and floor polishing to upholstery cleaning and window treatments. For our full, detailed list of cleaning services, please visit our Cleaning page. In addition to cleaning messes, we even provide mold remediation and emergency clean-up options for businesses affected by sudden flood damage.  Additionally, we offer companies a unique bio-hazardous waste removal service. For more information regarding our emergency services, please visit our Emergency Restoration page.

If you have any questions regarding our cleaning and service options for small businesses and facilities, give us a call anytime at 877-835-4150.

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