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At Porter’s Cleaning Service, we know how important it is to have a properly cleaned house. Your house is meant to provide a shelter for your family or tenants, keeping them safe from the outside elements. To ensure that the safety of the building is as effective as intended, regular cleanings of the building is essential. We also understand that houses are more than simply buildings, they are homes where people trust to lay their heads at night and where people live to wake up and make memories in the day. That’s why Porter’s Cleaning Service offers many cleaning options for home owners and property managers. View our detailed list of who we serve below and visit the Cleaning page for more information regarding our specific services.

Home Owners and New Home Buyers

Buildings that people call “home” should be treated with respect for each owner’s unique and specific needs. We accommodate our services to meet the wishes of each customer. Whether you need carpet cleaning, floor polishing, or window treatments, we have a vast array of individualized cleaning options that are perfect for any situation. Additionally, Porter’s Cleaning Service provides a pick-up and delivery option for upholstery disasters. Imagine spilling a glass of wine on your favorite area rug – one that so perfectly accents the foyer. Although the situation may seem like a disaster, our highly-trained technicians have your home covered. Simply give us a call and we will pick up your item, clean it at our facility, then drop it off right where you left it. Furthermore, all of our cleaning products are environmentally-friendly and safe for children and pets. To read more about our wide variety of cleaning services, visit our Cleaning page.

Property Managers

Did your last tenant leave a catastrophic mess for you to clean? Are the carpets destroyed, walls molded, or tile floors scuffed? Call Porter’s Cleaning Service and we will provide you with our team of highly-trained cleaning technicians to have your building efficiently cleaned within a short matter of time. We offer many options for property managers of apartment complexes, home owner associations, and realtors. Our extensive list of services includes repairing or replacing floors, steam cleaning carpets, and applying window treatments. By investing in a spotless clean to the building, your home or apartment will sell or rent quickly – meaning that you will save money in the long-term. To view the entire list of cleaning options available for property managers, visit our Cleaning page.

If you have any questions regarding our rates and services offered for home owners and property managers, call us today at 877-835-4150.

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