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Four elements that mold removal services must cover

If you’ve got a mold problem in your home in NJ, you may need to hire a mold removal company to get rid of it – especially if your own mold cleaning efforts have failed so far. If you’re lucky, your DIY mold cleaning might simply be suffering from making one or more of the top five mistakes when cleaning mold. However, mold that keeps returning is usually a sign of a more serious underlying problem.

In this article, you’ll learn about the service you should expect from the best mold removal companies.

The four elements of mold removal

You should expect a mold removal company to be professional, with technicians who are experienced and understand your needs. When it comes to tackling a mold problem, there are four elements that should be considered:

1.     Safety

Mold is hazardous to health. Technicians should wear protective clothing, including safety goggles and masks. They will also use specialized equipment, and ensure that safety precautions are taken before, during, and after removing the mold.

2.     Assessment

Mold can lurk anywhere; often behind drywall. The technician will use their sense of smell and sight in the initial inspection. They will also use equipment such as moisture detectors, borescopes and hygrometers, as they search for hidden mold.

3.     Controlling the spread of infection

It’s important that the mold removal company takes precautions to prevent mold from spreading. These precautions should include:

  • Covering furniture and floors
  • Bagging mold and cloths that have been used in the process of mold removal
  • Keeping doors closed
  • Ensuring that air conditioning is turned off to stop the spread of mold spores

4.     Removal of mold and its source

Successful mold removal includes dealing with the source of the mold – water leaks, for example. A mold removal expert will not only search for the source, but also talk to you about contributory factors (for example, humidity or dampness caused by drying clothes indoors) and how to deal with it (for example, using dehumidifiers or creating airflow).

Mold removal – how do you know it’s a professional company?

The mold technician should arrive at your home with all the equipment they need – including all the safety gear to prevent contamination from spreading. Whether the mold clean-up is relatively simple or more complicated, the technician should talk you through the whole process and tell you about each step that they will take.

You HVAC system may need to be cleaned. In the worst cases, where mold is spreading behind walls, it may be necessary to remove drywall. If furniture, clothes, carpets and curtains are infested, they will have to be cleaned – or discarded. The mold technician should remove all contaminated items and materials.

The technician will explain all this to you as well as discuss all your options, including restoration work if needed.

If you have a mold problem that you can’t eliminate in NJ, contact Porter’s Cleaning. Discover why our clients consider us to be the best mold removal company in the area.

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