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19 tips on household items – can they be saved after a flood?

Flooding can be devastating, and often it can’t be foreseen. You won’t have time to take precautions and prepare. When hit by a hurricane, rising river waters or a burst water pipe, the damage that flood water can cause is immense.

If the flood contains sewer waste, you may have to dispose of most of your affected belongings. But you should still call in the flood restoration experts and ask, can water damaged and swollen furniture be restored?

So, just what can you expect from water damage remediation after flooding? Which of your items might be salvageable?

Your furniture: what can be saved?

  1. Upholstered furniture is likely to be lost, though not always.
  2. Mattresses are likely to suffer the same fate, as they soak in water and contaminants.
  3. Wood furniture may be saved.
  4. Antique furniture may need specialist treatment, but may also be salvaged.
  5. MDF furniture is probably a candidate for the trash. It will cost more to salvage than to replace.

Carpets and flooring

  1. Rugs can often be saved, by drying and deep cleaning.
  2. Depending upon the carpet type, you may be able to salvage after a flood. Specialist cleaning processes must be used to ensure all contaminants are removed.
  3. Laminate and vinyl floors are resistant to surface water, but are usually damaged beyond repair by severe flooding that lasts several days.

Wood floors

  1. What wood flooring can be salvaged after a flood depends on how fast you act, the amount of water, and the amount of damage caused (see our article “How do I repair my wood floor after a flood?”)
  2. Warped and swollen floors may be dried out, but the process is a long and difficult one requiring specialist equipment.
  3. More commonly, it may be best to remove the flood-damaged floor and replace with new because of cost.

Other soft furnishings

There are several problems that flooding may cause other soft furnishings: among these are color changes, shrinkage, and permanent water marks.

  1. Drapes may be removed, dried, and cleaned.
  2. Blinds and fabric shutters may also be salvageable.
  3. Soft fabrics that have been infected with mold or mildew may be cleaned and disinfected, though this process could change the appearance of the item.
  4. Pillows are almost always impossible to rescue if soaked by contaminated floodwater.
  5. Pillows that have been soaked by ‘clean’ water may be cleaned and dried.
  6. Blankets, sheets, and quilts will need treating in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions.
  7. Electric blankets should be trashed if they have been submerged in water.

Electric appliances

All white goods will need to be inspected and repaired by a qualified and licenced professional. In general:

  1. Repairs to flood damaged electrical goods are likely to be substantial, resulting in either expensive repair bills or the need to replace.

If you have suffered from a flood, be wary of scam merchants. Always use a professional company with a long history of flood remediation work. Make sure you ask for references from previous customers, and never pay for the work in advance.

For peace of mind and a conscientious, ‘can-do’ approach, without further damage to a prized piece of furniture, contact Porter's Cleaning in NJ. We’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote, and you’ll get your furniture back to its glorious best.

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