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If you notice a brown stain on your plaster walls, or bubbling or flaking, it’s probable that your plaster walls or ceilings have suffered some water damage. Here’s how to repair water damaged plaster walls without causing more damage.

  • First assess the damage

A simple visual inspection will tell you a lot. If you’re really lucky the water will only have affected the outer coat of plaster. At the other end of the scale of damage, you might find that the water has penetrated all coats of plaster and then attacked the lath. You might have rotten wood or rusted metalwork to contend with.

If this is the case, it’s time to call emergency restoration services.

  • Next remove the damaged plaster

The second step in this guide on how to repair water damaged plaster walls is to remove the damaged plaster. Take away all material that is bubbling, flaking, or peeling using a putty knife. Try to be as gentle as possible, but if the damage is deep you’ll need to get the blade in to dig out any soft material. Continue to do this around the damaged plaster until you hit hard plaster.

Having got this far, remove any paintwork from the surrounding area that will fall away easily.

  • Clean the dust away

Use a stiff brush to remove any loose plaster particles, and then vacuum.

  • Wash the surrounding area gently

Using a bucket of clean water and a sponge, wash the surrounding area as a final clean-up exercise, and then allow the water damaged plaster wall to dry completely. You might use a hairdryer to speed this process.

  • Prime and seal

Use an oil based primer-sealer to block residual contamination and bleeding of stains. A quick-dry primer will take about an hour to dry.

  • Make the repair

Here’s the tricky bit. Use joint compound and apply in several thin coats. Spread the compound like butter on toast, skimming off any excess as you go.

When dry, sand to a level and even surface.

Continue this process as many times as necessary to make a long-lasting and invisible repair.

  • Paint the repaired plaster wall

When the last coat has dried and been sanded to a perfect finish, wipe any excess dust away with a damp cloth, and prime the patch as before. Let this dry completely, and then paint to make the repair truly invisible.

If the damage to your wall is excessive, then call someone who knows how to repair water damaged plaster walls. For more information, contact us today – we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will be happy to help.

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Joint compound to repair plaster? You people are hacks.
Joint compound to repair plaster? You people are hacks.
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