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“Carpet beetles”. Sound horrible, don’t they? These bugs are flat, seed shaped, smaller than bed bugs, come in different colors, and fly. While they don’t bite humans, they can cause a skin rash. Worst of all, if you get an infestation, they’ll munch their way through fibrous materials. Before you know it, they’ll have caused irreparable damage to carpets, curtains, wool, and clothes. Because of their ability to cause a high value of damage quickly, you’ll need to know how to get rid of carpet beetles.

How do carpet beetles get into a home or office?

Because they can fly, carpet beetles can come inside through window and door cracks, vents, air conditioning systems, and other openings. Most commonly though, they enter on cut flowers –their natural food source is nectar and pollen. Once inside, they evolve their eating habits and devour natural fibers. You’ll often find them hiding in indoor plants and other places where there is direct sunlight – and, of course, carpets.

How do carpet beetles cause skin rash?

Unlike bed bugs that bite their human victims, a carpet beetle rash is caused by allergic reactions to carpet beetle larvae and also the bug’s blood. This rash can become itchy, and a giveaway that it is caused by carpet beetles is that the rash will appear in a straight line.

They’re not easy to find, but if you do see any evidence of their existence in your home, you’ll need to take action before they become an expensive pest. Now you know what they are and the damage they can cause, let’s look at how to get rid of carpet beetles:

Step 1: Get the vacuum out

You’ll need to do a deep vacuum of all areas where you suspect the carpet beetles may be lurking.

Step 2: Deep clean and discard

Having vacuumed, now you need to go deeper. Throw away any foods that you suspect are infested in the kitchen. This will include noodles, flour, and meal. Send clothes to be dry-cleaned, and curtains, too. Carpets will need to be deep-cleaned.

Step 3: Prevent re-infestation

Now block off all entrances: doors should fit tightly, as should windows. If you like fresh flowers in the home, check them before you bring them inside.

If in doubt, shout!

If you are in any doubt about how to get rid of carpet beetles, or you’re not sure if you have an infestation, don’t hesitate to contact us today – if you leave carpet beetles too long, or don’t get rid of an infestation completely, the cost could be horrendous. 

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Carpet beetles are little creatures that can cause big trouble. Whenever you hear the name insect, never trust it. Most of them are not that friendly. There are several reasons why beetles aren’t good for your place. First and most important is when you have kids. Kids don’t know what is good or bad for them, they just swallow everything, and if they swallow a carpet bug roaming around on the carpet, they will suffer severe consequences.
Here, how we tackle with this :
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