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Whatever the cause, charred carpet can usually be repaired

There are many home accidents that can leave burn marks on carpets. Among the most common are burns caused by cigarettes, hot irons and hair straighteners. Carpets in front of open fires are also prone to burns. Whatever the cause and wherever the burn, there is no need to try to hide it with a heavy piece of furniture. In this blog post, I’ll explain how to fix a burnt carpet and remove the eyesore from sight.

Size matters

When it comes to fixing burnt carpet, size really does matter. Small burns are easier to fix than larger burns. 

If you’ve been lucky and only the tips of the carpet fibers are charred, you can simply snip off with scissors. You may even be able to remove the charring by rubbing lightly with sandpaper. After this, dab with a sponge loaded with mild detergent, and then lift the suds off with a sponge moistened with clean water.

If the burn mark is larger, you’ll need to employ different tactics.

Get your ‘carpet-fixing’ tools together

Fortunately, most carpet burn marks can be fixed without the need of specialist equipment. You’ll find most of what you need around the home:

  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Superglue
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Carpet adhesive

How to fix small burns on your carpet

For small burns (for example, those caused by a cigarette), use the following method:

  • Using sharp scissors, cut away the burnt carpet fibers.
  • Cut some fibers from a hidden area of carpet. This might be under a sideboard, or even in the corner of the room near the baseboard.
  • Apply a little superglue to the damaged patch, and carefully place the new fibers in the glued area.
  • Allow the glue in the repaired area to dry, before trimming the fibers so that they don’t stick up above those surrounding it.

How to fix larger burns on your carpet

Larger burns are, of course, more difficult to repair, and you’ll need a section of spare carpet to work with. Here’s how to fix large burn marks, such as those caused by a fallen hot iron:

  • Using your craft knife, cut around the burnt area. Take care not to cut through the underlay.
  • Remove the burnt patch of carpet.
  • Place the patch that you have removed over the spare carpet, and cut around it. If the carpet is patterned, make sure the pattern matches exactly.
  • Use the vacuum to remove any dust and debris from the damaged and cut area of the main carpet.
  • Put the ‘new’ patch of carpet in the hole that remains, and trim with scissors to ensure a snug fit.
  • When the fit is perfect, remove the new patch of carpet and apply carpet adhesive in the hole.
  • Put the new patch in the hole and press firmly. Place something heavy on it overnight.
  • Remove the weight, and comb the seam with a wide tooth comb – carefully and gently. This should blend the fibers with those surrounding the patch.

If you aren’t sure about carrying out the repair yourself, contact Porter’s Cleaning. We’ll be happy to provide guidance and a quote for professional repair.

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