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The solution to a black mold problem is found in understanding it

If there is something black mold is good at, it is rising from the grave. You clean it, and it returns. You clean it again, and it returns again. No matter what solutions and methods you try, you can’t find the best cleaner for black mold and eradicate it forever.

In this article, you’ll learn why black mold has such a nasty habit of returning, and the best cleaning solution to get rid of it forever.

Why is black mold so difficult to eradicate?

The biggest mistake that people make when trying to remove black mold is treating it like other dirt. You may be able to wipe away a spot of mud or spilt juice, but mold is different. Mold is a living thing, and so how you clean it away is different. The best cleaner for mud is not the best cleaner for black mold.

Mold spores spread easily and fast if they are not treated correctly. They are tiny, too. This means that when they are dormant you are unlikely to see them. It also means they can hide in places where you can’t reach – and most cleaning solutions you try won’t reach either. For example, mold spores can lurk beneath carpet, waiting for the right conditions to grow and multiply.

Why must you get rid of black mold?

Here’s a fun fact for you: we are surrounded by mold spores. Millions of them exist, floating in the air, unseen. The majority of mold spores aren’t harmful. Black mold is different. It populates in large numbers, looks dreadful, smells musty, and can cause a whole heap of damage to your health (especially if you have existing respiratory problems).

Where will you find black mold?

Like other mold, black mold needs the right conditions to grow. You are most likely to find black mold in basements (see our article ‘Be a mold assassin and exterminate it from your basement walls’), bathrooms and kitchens. Places where there is moisture and the correct temperatures. However, black mold spreads easily to other areas of your home, too. Infestations can quickly consume a whole house.

Black mold multiplies quickly in areas you can’t see, too. If you have had a water leak, for example, the spores can grow inside walls. Eventually, they find their way into your ventilation system and show themselves. When you clean this black mold away, you are only treating the symptom and not the cause of your mold problems.

What is the best cleaner for black mold?

There are many household products you might try to eliminate black mold. Bleach is a popular choice, but only has a limited effect. Bleach can’t attack mold spores that lurks beneath porous surfaces. White vinegar is another option, though you may be left with an acidic smell in your home for a while. Tea tree oil, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are other options that you may try. Use enough lotions and potions, and you should eliminate most molds.

The trick is to be diligent, clean the area thoroughly and repeat as necessary. But this is no guarantee that your black mold won’t return. For this, you must find and treat the source of your black mold, and take action to stop it returning – preventative measures are the best cleaner for black mold. For example:

  • Reduce the moisture level in your home
  • Repair leaks
  • Use a dehumidifier
  • Ensure kitchens and bathrooms are well ventilated
  • Stop the kids from leaving damp towels and clothes in a pile on the floor!

If your home has been attacked by black mold, you may also need to throw away some items that are too difficult to remove black mold from. A professional cleaning service may be able to get rid of mold from fabric and wooden furniture, but be prepared to discard items that are beyond mold removal.

What if you have tried everything, and black mold still returns?

If your black mold problem simply doesn’t know when to surrender, it is time to call in the professionals. They will treat the black mold outbreak, locate the source, fix the problem, and provide you with the ammunition to keep your black mold away for good.

If you have a large mold infestation in NJ, or are unsure of the type of mold and how best to kill it, contact Porter’s Cleaning. We’ll come and inspect and provide a quote to kill it off once and for all. We’ll discuss what techniques we’ll use, and we’ll tell you how to prevent the mold from returning.

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