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Timing, technique and testing is the secret to carpet care

Your carpet is probably one of the most expensive items in your home. It’s also one of the most used. It’s walked on all day. The kids run through while wearing filthy shoes. Pets have accidents (if you’ve got such a pet, read our article “How do you choose the best flooring for pets that have accidents?”). And if you hold a party, you can guarantee you’ll need a complete guide on how to remove carpet stains in the morning.

Whatever the stain, you need to know the best way to clean carpets before you start. Should you get stuck into scrubbing or shampooing immediately? How do you know which carpet cleaning solution to use? Avoid these five common carpet cleaning mistakes, and you’ll be on the way to keeping your carpet looking like new.

1.    Getting the timing wrong when cleaning a spill

If something gets spilled on your carpet, your reaction may be to jump on the stain immediately. Get scrubbing before it seeps in and becomes indelible may be your idea. Unfortunately, this is rarely the best carpet cleaning strategy. Different spills need different cleaning methods. A red wine spill is different to juice. Cracking on with cleaning before you know what you’re dealing with – and how best to deal with it – could do more damage.

On the other hand, waiting too long before you tackle a spill will likely lead to an eternal stain.

The answer is to:

  • Identify the spill
  • Know what cleaning technique will work best
  • Clean quickly after the spill

2.    Over-scrubbing

Avoid the temptation to scrub a stain. You’ll only push the spill deeper, making it even more difficult to remove the stain from the carpet’s fibers. Stains need to be lifted from carpets, and that means a much more considered approach.

3.    Using the wrong equipment (or going cheap)

Most people clean their own carpets to save money. It’s no surprise, then, that most people opt for the cheapest carpet cleaners from their local hire shop. Cheap carpet cleaning equipment tends to do a cheap job. Often, the damage they cause is irreversible. In the long run, using cheap equipment when cleaning your carpets will not save you money.

4.    Shampooing without vacuuming

This is a mistake that almost all DIYers make. Cleaning your carpet should help to restore its look, especially on areas that endure heavy traffic. If you don’t vacuum first, all the dirt that is laying on the surface or within the fibers will be sucked up into the carpet cleaner and recycled back into the carpet.

Vacuum first, then shampoo. Leve to dry, and vacuum again.

5.    Not testing the cleaning solution

A big mistake! Some carpet cleaning solutions can severely damage certain carpet fibers. To avoid this:

  • Read labels to find out if the chemical you plan to use is suitable for your carpet
  • Test on a small and hidden piece of carpet before tackling the spill, stain, or whole carpet

For more cleaning tips, or if you need a quote for a professional clean on your carpets in the NJ area, contact Porter’s Cleaning.

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