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All you need to now about professional carpet cleaning services

When we are called by first-time clients for carpet cleaning, often these people have never had their carpets professionally cleaned before. If this sounds like you, it’s natural that you’ll have a lot of questions to ask before hiring us. We’ve been monitoring the questions we’re most commonly asked. This list should help you decide whether Porter’s Cleaning is the right choice for cleaning your carpet in NJ.

1.      What benefits does professional carpet cleaning offer?

There are many benefits of professional carpet cleaning, including:

  • Your carpet will last longer when it is professionally cleaned regularly.
  • After a professional clean, your carpet will look and feel better – often as good as new.
  • Uncleaned carpets can be a store of health problems. Professional cleaning gets deep into the pile of your carpet, helping to eradicate the allergens and microbodies that live in carpets.

2.      Are the carpet cleaning products you use safe?

We use 100% eco-friendly carpet cleaning products. They are great for the environment, and safe to children and pets. Oh, and they won’t leave your home smelling like a chemical factory.

3.      Will carpet cleaning remove mites and other bugs?

It will certainly help – and professional cleaning is recommended to get rid of bed bugs living in your carpet – but cleaning alone is no guarantee of eradicating fleas, mites, and other bugs. That’s why we take a more holistic approach if you have a bug infestation. We’ll help you decide the best course of action, including whether to hire a professional exterminator and have upholstery treated, too.

4.      Will professional carpet cleaning reduce my allergy reactions?

You’ll find that removing allergens, microbodies, mites and pollutants from carpets will ease your allergy reactions. You should breathe a little more easily and sneeze less, for example.

5.      Will deep cleaning make my carpet wear out faster?

No. In fact, it should help it to last longer, as dirt, dust and other abrasive substances are removed from the pile.

6.      How long does it take a professional to clean my carpet?

This, of course, depends upon the area to be cleaned and if there is any furniture to be moved. However, because our cleaning technicians use professional equipment and cleaning solutions, and because this is their specialization, the time it takes is likely to be far less than the time it might take you (and with better results). However, as a rule of thumb, you should allow for cleaning time of 30 minutes or more.

7.      How long before my carpet will be dry enough to walk on?

Because of our advanced techniques and modern equipment, you will be able to walk on your carpet immediately after we have cleaned it. If you wish to do so, we would recommend that you take off your shoes, and either walk on the carpet in bare feet, socks, or slippers.

To be completely dry depends upon several factors, including humidity, air flow, and temperature. We would recommend leaving air conditioning on, and using fans to shorten drying time, which could be from around six to 24 hours.

8.      Should I vacuum before the carpet cleaner arrives?

We would recommend that you give your carpet a light vacuuming ahead of the professional clean, though it is not essential. Our technicians pre-vacuum the carpet before cleaning. This removes much of the dry particles ahead of a shampoo clean.

9.      Do I need to move furniture?

We will need furniture moved to provide a complete carpet cleaning service, though you should speak to us first. We may be able to arrange this so that you don’t need to do it yourself.

10.  How experienced are your carpet cleaning technicians?

All of our technicians are highly trained, qualified, and experienced.

11.  I’ve been told that carpet cleaning leaves bumps in the carpet. Is this true?

Immediately after cleaning, you may notice bumps or ripples in the carpet. This is perfectly natural, and is caused by poor fitting originally, a lack of stretching, or the backing being loosened with age. As the carpet dries, any bumps or ripples should disappear.

12.  Do I have to be at home when you clean my carpet?

No, you can continue with your daily life. All our technicians are qualified, experienced, and vetted. Someone should be present before we start cleaning – this way we can ensure our technician knows your needs – but you can leave our technician to get on with their work after this.

13.  How much does professional carpet cleaning from Porter’s Cleaning cost?

This depends upon several factors, including the type of carpet and area to be cleaned. You’ll find that our prices are very competitive, and we’ll be happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote – all you need to do is contact Porter's

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